Inclusive Museums?

Inclusive Museums -project aims to create opportunities for volunteers with distance to the labour market. By doing valuable volunteer work for museums in cultural heritage and education, people can develop themselves and be part of the society.

The project also aims to strengthen the position of museums and other cultural institutions as responsible, social and sustainable organisations in our society.

Inclusive Museums –project is funded by EU Erasmus+ programme action of Adult Education. The project will last two years in 2019 – 2021.

The project will be carried out by the partnership of three museums in Poland, Finland and The Netherlands, a cultural research and education organisation in Belgium and a centre for adult education in Spain. 16 participants of partner organisations will exchange practises during the project. Coordinator of the project is Museum BroekerVeiling in The Netherlands.

There will be five Learning Training and Teaching Activities (LTTA) -events, in every partner country.
In the activities the participants learn about the ways in which the partners deal with the various aspects of the project. This will help to find suitable practices to improve the ways in which volunteers are employed, guided and trained. It also helps to find out how museums and other organisations can involve people of the certain target groups.

Results of the LTT events will be reported in the “’Greenbook”, a document describing the outcomes how to offer volunteers better opportunities.


October 7


First international event of the Erasmus+ KA2 project Inclusive Museums. Read more…
January 27



Second international event of the Erasmus+ KA2 project Inclusive Museums. Read more…

December 15

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Online meeting

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