Museum BroekerVeiling, literally meaning : the museum of the auction of Broek op Langedijk, is a medium sized museum close to Alkmaar, North Western Holland.
Museum BroekerVeiling is surrounded by fertile farming fields. The area is called “The Realm of a Thousand Islands”. When sailing through the area in a boat you will instantly see why this name was appropriate. Small fertile islands. There used to be over 15.000 of them. Each one dug by hand. For centuries strong men sowed and harvested vegetables from the islands in all kinds of weather. Sail through it during the boat trip included in the museum visit, or rent a small electrical boat and explore this extraordinary area yourself.
Museum BroekerVeiling is the oldest vegetable auction in the world, and is still in use for the visitors of the museum. This means that daily auctions – within the opening hours of the museum – with real seasonal vegetables are still being held. You can bid as well. Our museum is a hands-on experience!
Museum BroekerVeiling is a foundation, it has about 10-15 staff members and about 200 volunteers actively involved.
Museum BroekerVeiling is a member of the Water Museums Global Network ( and is partner in the Erasmus+ project Inclusive Museums.

Suomen Rautatiemuseo – The Finnish Railway Museum is a national special museum of rail transport in Finland.
The museum presents the history of Finnish railways within an authentic railway setting of a former station and depot area. The Museum’s collections and exhibitions display the various aspects of Finnish railways from their beginning until the present day. The museum hosts several annual events for the public and provide information services.
The Finnish Railway Museum is governed by the Railway Museum Foundation. The museum has nine permanent staff members and many volunteers also participate in action.

The Silesian Museum – Bound by the heritage of the region, its historical dynamics, its numerous cultures and the leading role of industry, and yet recognizing Silesia’s intellectual and artistic background, Muzeum Śląskie provides a space for dialogue with the past and the achievements of modernity to further explore Silesia, Poland and Europe.
We are inspired by the heritage of Silesia: its intellectual and artistic achievements and its rich multicultural history. Our venue at the former mining site points to the significant role that the industry has played in the region. We have turned the former coal mine into a cultural mine, and, 14 metres below the ground level, have provided access to rich and diverse collections. The depths of the Earth now contain the Gallery of Polish Art 1800–1945, the Gallery of Polish Art after the Year 1945, the Gallery of Silesian Religious Art and the Gallery of Non-Professional Art, as well as a hugely popular exhibition “The Light of History: Upper Silesia over the Ages.” The exhibition of set design for film and theatre: “Laboratory of Space: The Past in the Present” is a truly unique show at Centrum Scenografii Polskiej.
The underground space also includes educational rooms, a library with a reading room, an auditorium with 320 seats, an educational corner for children and space for temporary exhibitions that is 12.5 m high.

The Adult Education Center of Olmedo is a public institution depending of Junta de Castilla y León. We are located in Olmedo (Valladolid), in the north center of Spain, just two hours from Madrid.
The Center offers initial education, mainly for the elderly, foreigners or ethnic minorities where the students learn to read and write. We also provide courses of ICTs, English, Spanish Language, Cultural Heritage and Maths.

Histories vzw is a non-profit organization that is recognised and subsidised by the Flemish government for a period of five years (2019-2023). Currently the organization has 12 employees and, in addition, makes use of an extensive network of volunteers.
Histories strengthens the work on genealogy, local history, local heritage, everyday culture (folklore) and metal detecting in Flanders and Brussels. Histories advises heritage volunteers on registration, preservation, management, awareness, participation and many other aspects.