The “Inclusive Museums” TPM meeting in Spain took place from the  8th to the 12th of November 2021. A total of 15 participants from Poland, The Netherlands, Finland and Belgium took place on it.

The aim of the meeting was to exchange good practices on inclusion of adults through museums. As Cepa de Olmedo is an adult education center, the participants were shown which activities are done in the center in order to collaborate with museums and make possible to promote inclusion of adult education students through these activities. For such, participants visited the adult education center and some museums of the area. Those museums work with inclusion in different ways and the adult education center has collaborated with them on some occasions.  

On the second day we had a working session for developing our Green Book. Participants worked in groups, and we set the main points for it. The National Agency of The Netherlands connected via Teams to our working session.  After that, we visited “Museo de Escultura”.

On the third day, we visited the village of “Peñafiel” which is known because of its wines and wineries. For this reason, Peñafiel has a wine museum. This museum collaborates with the “taller ocupacional” (a place where disable people work making handcrafts which they sell to museums, wineries, etc.). These handcrafts are sold at the museum what helps the “taller ocupacional” workers develop themselves, what is a clear example of inclusion of adult people through museums. We all bought some handcrafts for our relatives.

On Friday, our participants left to their countries.